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The majority of Pakistan´s population is using groundwater for drinking purpose. Contamination due to unplanned urbanization and industrialization has been recognized as a major threat. Quality of water is deteriorating badly by municipal, industrial and agricultural wastes. Over exploitation of the natural resources and discharge of hazardous wastes into water bodies without proper treatment arises to another major concern. The intensity of water quality problems is enormous. Additionally millions of people do not even have access to clean drinking water and water related diseases are spreading widely. Water-borne diseases particularly in remote areas, and inadequate sanitation combined with poor hygiene leads to serious health effects, often life-threatening. Women and children spend hours per day to gather unsafe water from unsafe sources, while walking long distances. The rural population depends on dug wells or on rivers, canals and streams for their water supply.

B2P – through its subsidiary company Smart Impex Pvt. Ltd. – has acquired agency rights of a German company which has realized international turn-key projects with German engineering and key-components.They German high-standard technology, process and machines for the Pakistani local demand.

B2P areas of implementation:

  • Water infrastructure projects in Pakistan.

  • Water purification, waste water treatment, sludge and silt treatment.

  • Systems for drinking water treatment in water plants, hotels, buildings and households.

  • Brackish water treatment plants for irrigation.

  • Solar power plant designed for operational support for water treatment plants.

  • Silt dredging and bank reinforcement for lakes and rivers.

  • Turn-key solution together with project financing.



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